Plaid Cymru Conference 2018 - "Yes Wales can"

Adam Price took to the stage this weekend as the new leader of Plaid Cymru.

Showing clear disdain for the “red Tories running Wales” and Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, the Welsh nationalist party called for a ‘people’s vote’ on leaving the EU.

In his keynote speech, Price adopted the “yes we can” campaign slogan of Barack Obama to state his ambition to lead Wales to independence. Adding to this, he outlined his key policies for the Party moving forward which included re-localising the Welsh economy by ensuring that 20% of all publicly procured food is produced locally and creating a public energy company, with profits used to build a universal basic income for Welsh citizens.

Price also claimed that Plaid will endorse a fast, reliable and renewable national western railway line connecting Swansea to Bangor, boldly stating “we don’t need your Western powerhouse Mr Cairns, we’ll build our own in Wales.”

Taking his opportunity to further endorse Welsh independence, after a week that has seen him attempt a partnership with the Scottish Nationalist Party, Price expressed that “Yes Wales can” to the party faithful.

It will remain to be seen how much support for Independence Plaid can conjure up, but it is clear that Independence is still very much at the heart of the Party’s agenda.