Welsh Government consults on proposals to set national milestones for Wales

In 2016, Welsh Government set 46 national indicators to track progress in achieving the 7 well-being goals in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. The new national milestones will set out its expectation of this progress and it is consulting on:

·         the criteria for choosing national milestones

·         the national indicators against which it will set national milestones

·         changes to the existing national indicators

Welsh Government is asking: How do we assist Welsh Ministers in measuring a nation’s progress?  And is gathering views on a refined number of national indicators, including:

·         Percentage of adults with qualifications at the different levels of National Qualifications Framework;

·         Gross disposable household income per head;

·         Percentage of people who can speak Welsh; and

·         Percentage who feel able to influence decisions affecting their local area.

These indicators, along with others listed in the report, will inform the creation of national milestones for Wales, allowing Ministers to understand and monitor progress in achieving the goals of the Well-being Act.

Of particular interest to those of us operating in the built environment and construction sector is National Indicator 23: Percentage who feel able to influence decisions affecting their local area.

With public consultation now a statutory requirement of the planning process in Wales for major developments, and involvement and collaboration two of the five ways of working in the Well-being Act, this indicator reaffirms the importance of community and stakeholder involvement in the development and delivery of infrastructure, housing and other major projects across Wales - to ensure that local stakeholders’ have been effectively consulted and their comments taken on board.

The next step following the consultation period will be to establish the national milestones. While these are not yet finalised, what is apparent is the acknowledgement that change is necessary across all sectors and industries in order to achieve the goals outlined in the Well-being Act.

To find out more and participate in the consultation, go to: https://beta.gov.wales/measuring-our-nations-progress. The deadline for comments is 19 April 2019.

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Lewis Clark, Account Executive.