PAC Annual Lecture: Creating Greater Democracy in Wales

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Democracy was the theme of this week’s Public Affairs Cymru (PAC) Annual Lecture given by Alun Davies AM, Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services.

Davies emphasized the need for Government to be more dynamic and ambitious, touching on the necessity to push forward the streamlining of local authorities, but also the need for more locally driven agendas across Wales

Davies also called for greater transparency, openness and accountability, all of which are unquestionably central to democracy, and suggested that front-benchers should be open to being questioned and challenged by other Ministers and community organisations, such as the Civic Society. 

Relating very much to the work we do at Grasshopper, Davies also highlighted that in order to create a more democratic society, communities need to actively participate in decision-making and influencing change.  In conclusion - democracy is more than simply voting for a new Government every few years (at a local or national level), but should be an ongoing and meaningful dialogue process.